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Where can I get a loan on the internet,

Where can I get a loan on the internet,

It is possible even without gainful employment? Where can you claim a loan that you really get and where you do not have to pay in advance? I would appreciate a message from you that is also serious. Are you crazy? You’re getting more and more in debt when you make a loan on the internet, are not you watching TV?

It’s not serious, do not go wrong, remember that you have a child. Go to your bank, if the cylinder burns, they will be safe!

Internet financing platforms for corporations and organizations in the field of lending on the internet Opportunities for SMEs or are the potential customers weighing the costs?

In 2005, the first credit platform was set up in the UK. According to expert estimates (Bundestag data), the mediated loan volume in 2010 was around 1 billion euros. Domestically, there are several platforms that offer the possibilities of borrowing P2P loans. 

In Germany, only smartphone and Auxgeld have positioned well. After just four years of activity, the company has granted loans totaling EUR 53 million. The fact that the overall concept has gradually become established in Germany is evidenced by the fact that in 2010 alone, 22 million loans were transferred.

In the period up to the end of 2011, more than half of the more than 5,000 “investors” had been granted 6,500 loans and the return of more than 5 percent had been achieved. Around 83% of these inter-bank loans were consumer loans. However, lending via internet lending platforms is still relatively modest compared to the average annual average of around EUR 1.3 billion in private lending.

Which credit platforms are there and how does it work?

Which credit platforms are there and how does it work?

As a rule, social lending providers offer an online platform that brings together financiers (investors) and debtors according to defined criteria. The website is accessible to both employees and the self-employed. The borrower must have reached the age of 18, have a permanent residence in Germany and have their own securities account.

Another criterion is that the borrower has a monthly income of at least EUR 1000. The fact that the providers of the online credit market place the liaison between the lender and the borrower ensures that the borrower’s confidential information does not reach the lender and vice versa. Lenders usually get the creditworthiness of a loan applicant, so they can make an investment decision.

The basic principle of such platforms is that people who still have enough capital do not bring it to the house bank, but instead lend it via the house bank to people who need it for certain projects (liquidity for SMEs). In some cases, borrowers get more favorable terms than a house bank. Under this concept, lenders and borrowers are spread across the difference between deposit and lending rates.

The platforms have resolved this phenomenon by acting only as an intermediary between lenders and borrowers. Therefore, the eLolly loan platform has regulated them so that no lender grants more than four times the loan. The Bundesanstalt has not yet commented on the rating of the credit rating platforms. Based on the largest provider in this segment (Centiloan GmbH), the following section describes how the Credit Marketplace works in detail.

Step 1: The potential lender must first register on the marketplace. As part of a secure online process, he submits a loan application in which the necessary information must be provided. Based on his information, the prospective borrower is assigned a credit bureau (risk class) score. These danger classes at rahmava are between the best A- and the worst H-class.

The potential lender gets information about the usual interest rates for similar loans for easier guidance. Step 2: The identification of the future lender will also be examined in the credit markets. The interested party has to read the required form from the Centiloan website. Step 3: In addition, the creditworthiness of the potential borrower is also revealed. For this he has to send on request his income documents, payroll, income tax card and a tax assessment.

Step 4: If the credit rating result is negative, the loan application is sent to the prospect. First of all, the prospective lender must present his intentions as exciting as possible in order to attract the attention of many investors. The lenders determine, after the description and risk assessment on the basis of the credit platform, which part of the total loan they want to refinance.

To judge the potential creditor, the potential creditor may either look at the portraits himself or use the bid assistant on the tendering platform. With this wizard, the lender can search for loan applications that best fit the lender’s characteristics. When looking for loan applications, the lender is supported. In this way lenders can assemble a portfolio of loans with different maturities, risk types and loan projects.

The better the creditworthiness of the future borrower, the lower the interest rate. Step 5: The potential lender has a chance to submit his or her proposal to the website for 14 days. If the project was so attractive that enough investors have registered, the potential lender gets an allotment. Subsequently, a standard loan agreement is concluded.

The brokerage fees, which are between 2.5 and 3 percent, depending on the size of the loan, are only now outstanding vis-à-vis the credit market – in this case, the company Centiloan. In addition, a residual credit insurance is to be completed, which is completed together with the loan. Step 6: Before transferring the credit note, the necessary steps must be taken.

Subsequently, the loan amount minus the fees will normally be paid out to the borrower’s account within 48 hours. Step 7: The credit balance is withheld from the accounts payable account each month by direct debit in the form of a contractual installment. The loan has the option of early repayment of the loan through the trading platform as opposed to a normal bank loan (without a separately agreed early repayment).

Online credit platforms open up opportunities and dangers for interested parties and investors. For the lender, the possibility is that he would be better off in terms of the interest rate of his loan commitment than if he were investing in a time deposit. In the case of “social lending”, it is also possible to promote projects that serve a purposeful purpose and thus also give the investor a good sense of touch.

On an online loan platform, the borrower is given the opportunity to obtain loans outside the banking system, which involve a more favorable interest burden. None of the credit markets gives lenders any assurance that they will regain their capital. The risk of the sale, eg of vehicles or other assets, remains reserved for investors. At registration, only cash for friends and ramava can offer their customers to encrypt their personal attachments.

It is gratifying to ramava that no entrance fee is incurred, but an agency fee is only payable on success. On the website of goodmoney and fee for friends lenders can understand a project. It is also possible to contact the interested person personally. The post-identification procedure for identifying the potential creditor is mandatory at Centiloan. This procedure is only recommendable at cash4friends.


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